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October 14-16th 2016 · Philadelphia, PA

Why Attend CocoaLove?

In its third year, CocoaLove brings the Apple community together and focuses on talks that aren't deprecated at the next WWDC. It's structured to build meaningful connections throughout the weekend that are more than just a stack of business cards. Join us this fall and enjoy a unique Philly experience.

  • exhausted and exhilarated and so, so inspired by everyone i met at @CocoaLoveConf. if i don't go to sleep, it'll never end, right?
    Alice Ren @alicexyr
  • Just landed back in 🇨🇦 and still need to gather my thoughts, but this weekend cemented @CocoaLoveConf as my very favourite conference.
    Charles Joseph @lessthanuthink
  • It’s no surprise that @CocoaLoveConf was fantastic. Happy to be a part of such an empathetic, intelligent group of people.
    Chris Stamper @cdstamper
  • If I attend nothing else all year, I’ll try to attend @CocoaLoveConf.
    Nik Lal @bleepnik

The Talks

Enjoy a single track, 2 day series of talks where you'll learn from some of the best creative minds in the industry.

  • Keynote Speaker

    Georgia Dow

    Senior editor at iMore, psychotherapist and co-founder of Anxiety-videos.com , co-host of the Disruption, IMore show and other podcasts.

  • A Journey in the App Store

    David Smith

    Indie iOS Developer and co-host of the Under the Radar podcast.

  • How to Work with Rock Stars

    David Starke

    Founder and CTO at Workhood, Assistant Artistic Director of The Academy of Danse Libre, and creator of the iOS app DanceMaster

  • How to Make Your Team Happy (and Why You Can't Always Make Your Users Happy)

    Vivian Qu

    Part time agent of chaos, full time iOS engineer @ Pinterest.

  • Empathetic Creation

    Aleen Simms

    Aleen Simms hosts Less Than Or Equal, a Relay FM podcast, and co-organizes App Camp for Girls Phoenix. An unapologetic Hufflepuff, she’s a fervent advocate for empathy and inclusivity. In her free time, she reads, crashes other people's podcasts, and obsesses over pens.

  • Think Like a Podcast Ad Salesperson

    Lex Friedman

    Lex heads up ad sales for leading podcast company Midroll. He was previously a senior writer for Macworld. Every Internet company Lex worked for was either acquired or went public. He has three kids and one wife.

  • Objective-C vs. Swift: Why Can't We Be Friends

    Wayne Hartman

    Wayne is a research engineer for a Fortune 150 company by day and super hero indie developer by night. He wears the same costume, though, for both gigs.

  • Sunlight & Air: 10 Lessons for Growing Junior Developers

    Erika Carlson

    Director of Apprenticeship & Training at Detroit Labs. iOS developer, tech educator, diversity advocate, & happiness enthusiast.

  • Efficiency is a Destructive Force

    Lydia Martin

    Lydia Martin is passionate about good habits, happy teams, and getting stuff done. She lives in New York City, mostly for the scenery and fresh air.

  • How to Get Fired

    Arik Devens

    iOS developer who has worked at a few interesting places, including Eazel, Netscape, Palm, and Posterous. Hosts the Cinema Gadfly podcast.

  • Learning is Not a Linear Process

    Kevin Lee

    Kevin has been shipping software since Java 1.2. He loves lateral learning and learning about learning.

Curious about what to expect?

Check out talks from our past conferences.


Friday Saturday
  • Reg + Dinner

  • Talks

  • Special Events

  • Farewell

Chemical Heritage Foundation

The main event will be taking place at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in beautiful Old City Philadelphia.

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Choose Your Experience

In 2016 we're trying something brand new.

  • Choose from a variety of activities suited to your personal tastes.
  • Explore with conference-goers that share your interests.
  • Enjoy experiences like a lively night of Karaoke, Halloween Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary, or a relaxing morning at the Art Museum.
  • Experience Philadelphia like never before!

We'll announce the official locations as we get closer to the summer, so stay tuned.

Code of Conduct

Our goal has always been to provide a safe and welcoming space for every attendee. All speakers, sponsors, organizers, and attendees are expected to abide the code of conduct throughout the weekend.

You're in Philly: we have no problems booting you to the curb if you disrespect anyone we invite into our home.

Staying in Historic Old City

We have a group rate available at the historic Independence Park Hotel just one block from the main venue.

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We try to make CocoaLove as accessible as possible. Women, minorities, single parents, LGBTQIA, students, and disabled individuals are encouraged to check out our scholarship program.

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CocoaLove is a great place to learn, connect with the community, and share in unique experiences. Don't wait, grab your early bird ticket today to save your seat!

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