A conference about people, not tech. CocoaLove highlights the iOS/Mac community's passions, challenges, and triumphs.

October 24th-26th 2014   October 2015 · Philadelphia, PA

Thank You

We talked about Kanye West, we jumped into piles of leaves, we ate cheesesteaks. CocoaLove 2014 was a resounding success, but none of it would have been possible without all of you. Whether you presented, volunteered, attended, or just followed along you contributed to something special this year.

The Talks

Mike Zornek

Keynote - Mentoring

Mike Zornek Head of Philly Cocoaheads

Mike has found mentoring to be a critical part of his own development. He shared his experiences, both as a mentor and a mentee, and encouraged us to take control of our craft by getting involved.

Amanda Rosler

Gender, Toys, and the Color Pink

Amanda Rosler Game Developer at Toca Boca

Amanda is an iOS developer for the Swedish game studio Toca Boca, where she makes mobile apps for kids. She spoke about Toca Boca’s approach to making games that aren't tailored for a specific gender, and why that's important.

Austin Seraphin


Austin Seraphin Independent Accessiblity Consultant

Austin showed us how iOS improves the lives of the blind and why we should make apps accessible. Learn why universal design doesn't just mean designing something to help the blind, it means designing a better product for everyone.

Soroush Khanlou

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

Soroush Khanlou Developer at Genius

Soroush joined us to speak about being totally terrified all the time. Fear and self-doubt are common occurrences amongst people in our field, and by talking about them in the open, we can start to take away their power.

Joe Cieplinski

The Back of the Fence

Joe Cieplinski Creative Director at Bombing Brain Interactive

A longtime Apple enthusiast, Joe has an enlightening view regarding the factors contributing to Apple's modern-day success. Spoilers: it's more than just design. His unique insights will surprise and delight you.

Rob Rhyne

Learning from Editors

Rob Rhyne Co-founder of MartianCraft

Good editing is often overlooked in our profession, yet cinema, photography, and literature are creative fields defined by editing. Rob discussed how he draws inspiration from editors to impove his own products.

Brent Simmons Dave Wiskus

Bring Your Friends

Brent Simmons & Dave Wiskus Creators of Vesper

Brent Simmons and Dave Wiskus work on Vesper at Q Branch. They’ve launched and maintained a product and companion service by leveraging the single best resource available to any Mac or iOS developer: the community.

William Van Hecke

Your App Is Good and You Should Feel Good

William Van Hecke UX Lead at The Omni Group

William designs serious-business productivity apps at the Omni Group. Design is an ongoing conversation — with users, your colleagues, and yourself. William spoke about how to keep that conversation healthy and productive.

Laura Savino

Hate the Code, Love the Coder

Laura Savino iOS Developer at Khan Academy

It's easy to lash out towards, mock, and/or hate the creators of "bad" code or "bad" designs, but can we take a healthier approach? Laura educated us on being more constructive in our teams and community by leaving the 😡 behind.

Klaas Pieter Annema

Shipping Is a Feature

Klaas Pieter Annema iOS and Android at Karma

Klaas Pieter has worked at two very different companies when it came to shipping products: Sofa and Karma. He joined us to talk about one of the most difficult questions we often face: when do we just say “Ship it!”?

Kristina Sontag

Tackling Negative Stereotypes

Kristina Sontag Test Manager at The Omni Group

Kristina volunteers with App Camp for Girls. She spoke about the enlightening experience of creating software with a dozen middle-school girls, and how everyone can help tackle the issue of diversity in our industry.

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